Iranian Cheetah to be featured on Iran Kit in Brazil World Cup
Zistboom/ Amir Tolouei: General Director of the Education Office of Iran's Department of Environment said to the press that FIFA authorities have agreed with the use of Iranian Cheetah's symbol on the kit of Iran's national team in the next summer world cup in Brazil.

Mohammad Darvish added that Iran kit for upcoming World Cup featuring Iranian Cheetah is going to be unveiled on 1st February and noted that despite they have not been allowed to use photo or logo of Iranian Cheetah on the "Team Melli" 's jersey, its design symbolizes this elegant and endangered Iran's endemic species.

Recently FIFA, due to disagreement with tournament's rules and procedures, had opposed with use of the Cheetah's logo on the Iran's national team kit for World Cup which was the initial proposal of Iran's Football Federation, but they have allowed designing the kits so that it can imply their environmental message, it should not resemble the PUMA logo or any other commercial brands though.

Earlier on 7th November 2013 during the 2-day trip to Tehran, FIFA president Sepp Blatter had a visit to the Iran's Museum of Biodiversity and Natural History, located in the Headquarter of Iran's Department of Environment and discussed this issue with Dr. Massoumeh Ebtekar, head of Iran's Department of Environment. During this meeting FIFA president welcomed Iran's initiative for drawing global attention to the importance of protecting this beautiful endangered cat at the greatest international football stage.

According to Iranian Cheetah conservation activist Morteza Pourmirzaei other materials representing Iranian Cheetah are supposed to be used by Iran Team's fans during the Tournament and an environmental slogan is going to be printed on Iran's team shuttle bus.   
The Asiatic cheetahs, a subspecies of the fastest animal on earth, are extinct everywhere except in Iran, where they are considered to be critically endangered, so they are also known as the Iranian cheetah.

Iran had previously reached to the finals of the FIFA World Cup in three occasions in 1978, 1998 and 2006 and next summer will be their fourth presence in this international football tournament. In group F Iran is drawn with Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Nigeria.