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Publish Date: 16 January 2018 - 20:23
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A new Dean has been appointed for Iran's College of Environment (CoE).
New Dean appointed for CoE
Zistboom: A new Dean has been appointed for Iran's College of Environment (CoE). Dr. Isa Kalantari, Head of Iran's Department of Environment (DoE) has appointed, Dr. Omid Bozorg Haddad, as the new Dean of the College of Environment.
According to the public relations office of the College of Environment, in an event organized at the conference hall of the College of Environment for introducing the new dean, Dr. Kaveh Madani, Deputy Head of DoE, also appreciated the strives of the former dean, Dr. Ahmad Talebi who was in this position since 2015.
During this event which was attended by a group of high rank officials from DoE, as well as directors, faculty members and staff of CoE, Dr. Madani noted that in the new era, CoE should put more emphasis on the research activities. He added that sometimes development doesn't necessarily mean growing in size, but is a matter of focusing on one specific field.
Reminding the lack of proper and updated training for some of the staff and rangers of DoE, asked CoE to play a more active role in this field in the coming years.

During this meeting, the new Dean of CoE who is also the head of the Environment and Sustainable Development Research Center, emphasized on the importance of restructuring the education and research activities in this college, considering the decreasing number of the students in the universities of all over the country and the prospect of the persistence or even intensifying of this trend in the next years.

New Dean appointed for CoE

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Dr Bozorg Haddad has been a distinguished professor at the University of Tehran. His teaching and research interests include water resources, energy, and environmental systems analysis, engineering, planning, and management as well as application of simulation techniques and optimization algorithms in water related systems. He has published more than 40 books and book chapters, 300 journal and 200 conference papers. He has also supervised more than 100 M.Sc. thesis and Ph.D. dissertations.

Established in 1972, College of Environment (CoE) has been the first national center for environmental education, which has offered training for hundreds of rangers and staff of Iran's Department if Environment. The College is affiliated to Iran's DoE and also provides academic training in different fields of environmental science and technology as well as other disciplines of knowledge.

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