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Publish Date: 28 April 2014 - 11:55
Inverted tulip, one of the most popular flowers worldwide, is the National Flower of Iran.
Zistboom: Inverted tulip, one of the most popular flowers worldwide, is the National Flower of Iran.Iran Inverted Tulip
The Queen of Flowers, rose, is also considered the country’s flower insignia.
Spring in the Iranian month of Ordibehesht (April 21- May 21) is the season of inverted tulips. The flower is among the most unique and indigenous flora of mountainous regions.
This pretty flower abounds in the Zagros Mountain Range. It is found in Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari province and the western and southern provinces of Iran, reported.
Inverted tulip was taken to Austria for the first time by a European tourist in 1576 and Europeans became familiar with this beautiful flower. In the 19th century, its cultivation spread in the Netherlands.
The flower sprouts on the plains of Iran from the middle of March. The full bloom of this flower is spectacular, as it creates a red and green carpet.
During this period, a lot of travelers visit areas where this wonderful flower blooms.
In fact, many festivals of inverted tulips are held every year in provinces where they grow.
However, the flower’s lifespan is short and endangered by overgrazing and its use as medicine. It is picked up in large amounts for feeding livestock. Experts believe expansion of farming in the area where inverted tulips grow also threatens the flower.

Other Iranian flowers

Being a vast land with diverse climatic conditions, Iran is one of the largest producers of ornamental flowers in the world.
Reports indicate Iran ranks 17th worldwide in terms of total area under cultivation of decorative flowers.
Roses, fritillaria, poppy and pittosporum are indigenous species of the country while cactus, calendula, carnation, forsythia, hyacinth, iris, zinnia, daisies, orchids and sunflowers are also grown here.
Iran is probably one of the most intense flower growing countries. Since ancient times, Iranians have had a custom of gifting flowers on various occasions.
While selecting the flowers, they give utmost importance to the meaning conveyed by that particular flower.
Roses, tulips, alsteromeria, chrysanthemum, iris and orchids are very popular among Iranians.
Source: Iran Daily

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